Ore-Ida French Fries Country Style

Ore-Ida™ French Fries Country Style. Oregon & Idaho. Potatoes done perfect since 1952. Seasoned potatoes with skins. Gluten free. Per serving: 90 Calories. 1g Sat fat, 5% DV. 320mg Sodium, 13% DV. <1g Total sugars. Net Wt 30 oz (1 lb 14 oz) 850 g. During any mealtime, Ore-Ida® potatoes are the right side to have on your side. Ore-Ida® believes in potatoes done perfect and it has since 1952. We believe that taste and quality matter, so that's why we work tirelessly to bring you and your family the best and fresh tasting potatoes all grown locally in the USA. With our perfect Country Style French Fries, you get the perfectly crispy outer texture and fluffy inside you need to turn any family meal into a success. So next time you're thinking about what to make, remember that Ore-Ida potatoes are the perfect companion to winning at mealtime. Made from 100% real potatoes. The Ore-Ida Brand is committed to providing the highest quality products. We welcome your comments. Please have the package with you when you call. Write us: Kraft Heinz Foods, Consumer Affairs, P.O. Box 57 Pittsburgh, PA 15230. Phone us: 1-800-892-2401 Monday - Friday. Visit us online: www.oreida.com for delicious recipes. ©H.J. Heinz Company Brands LLC.