Classico Thick Crust Soppressata Salami Frozen Pizza, 25.4 oz Box

Soppresata dried Italian salami with sauce made from vine ripened tomatoes and real mozzarella cheese. Per Serving: 350 calories, 6 g sat fat (31% DV), 880 mg sodium (38% DV), 5 g total sugars. Not ready to eat. The best of Rome, at your table. In Rome, authentic Italian pizza starts with a thick and flavorful crust, rich tomato sauce and the freshest ingredients. Here, a thick, crispy and chewy crust is layered with a vine ripened tomato sauce and topped with real mozzarella cheese and hearty soppresata, creating the perfect pizza for any occasion. US inspected and passed by Department of Agriculture. Questions / comments? Call 1-888-337-2420; Please recycle this carton. Our Roman-style pizza blends everything you know and love about authentic Italian cuisine: fine, fresh ingredients, rich, vibrant flavor and thick, crispy crust. Inspired by pizza makers in Rome, we let our dough rish to great heights for a crust you can sink your teeth into. When every bite is piled high with vine ripened tomatoes, real mozzarella cheese and savory soppressata, you know you're in the right place. When you're craving the tastes of Italy like savory pasta sauce, a bowl of thick noodles, melt in your mouth four cheese pizza, a plate of tender spinach, and a tray of juicy sausages, you'll find what you're looking for with the Classico label. A delicious meal for you, your family, and your guests is only a few simple steps away.