FC CKN BST Nuggets, Nugget Shaped Breaded CKN BST Patties with Rib Meat

More taste on your plate...more money in your pocket.Our new better tasting recipe is made with white-meat chicken, delicious new seasonings and crispy, crunchy breading. One thing we didn't change: the price. Fast Fixin' still gives you a delicious meal at a price that first into your family's budget. Here in the Fast Fixin' Kitchen, we take pride in creating deliciously simple products you can serve up in minutes. We start with plump, juicy meats, then we season and cook up our favorite recipes. It's not easy to please yourself, your family and your budget all at once, but with Fast Fixin', quality and value are in the bag. Every serving of Fast Fixin' chicken nuggets is high in calcium with 30% daily value* Fully Cooked 70 or More Crispy Nuggets Ready in Minutes! Unbelievable Taste Unbeatable Value Made with White Meat