Mayfield Dairy Farms Low Fat Cultured Buttermilk, Half Gallon

Mayfield Dairy Farms Reduced Fat Cultured Buttermilk is a rich and creamy 1.5% reduced fat cultured buttermilk that's perfect for all of your recipes. This reduced fat cultured buttermilk has less fat than regular cultured buttermilk. Add Mayfield cultured buttermilk to all of your favorite recipes, including buttermilk bread, pancakes, cornbread and biscuits, to make them delicious and fluffy. Use to make buttermilk ranch dressing or for thickening your favorite sauces. You can also enjoy a glass of Mayfield reduced fat cultured buttermilk on its own for a tangy drink. Packaged in Mayfield's signature yellow plastic container to help block out light, this half gallon reduced fat cultured buttermilk is easy to pour. Farmer owned. Community Loved. Mayfield Dairy Farms has been providing families with delicious, fresh dairy since 1910.