Bays English Muffins Sourdough - 6 CT

Bays® English Muffins Sourdough. Net wt 12 oz (340g). First introduced in the San Francisco Bay area more than a century ago, Sourdough's exact origins remain a mystery. What is not a mystery, however, is the enduring popularity of its distinctively tangy flavor. And Bays sourdough English muffins are no exception. To this long-standing tradition, Bays brings its own time-tested recipe and the highest quality ingredients, resulting in a toasty golden-brown muffin with a pleasing hint of sourdough. A great way to wake up your tastebuds in the morning, Bays sourdough English muffins are deliciously satisfying with butter, jam or any of your favorite toppings. Bays sourdough English muffins make great individual pizzas, tuna melts, burgers, breakfast sandwiches and much more! For more inspiring meal ideas, or if you have questions about our product, call 1-800-FOR-BAYS or visit