Blount's Family Kitchen Macaroni and Beef In Tomato Sauce, Microwave Meal, 12 OZ Bowl

Satisfy your taste buds with this Blount's Family Kitchen macaroni and beef in tomato sauce microwave meal. This classic American prepared meal combines ground beef and elbow macaroni in a chunky tomato sauce. Whether you call it goulash, beef-a-roni or American Chop Suey, this packaged meal is an all-time favorite. For five generations, the Blount family has cooked homestyle recipes that you don't have time to make yourself. Enjoy this macaroni and beef as a satisfying snack, mid-day lunch meal or late-night dinner meal. Heat this single serve microwave dinner on high for 2 to 3 minutes, stir halfway through, and let stand for one minute. These easy dinner bowls make it simple to keep microwave meals ready in the refrigerator until you need a break in your day. Savor the flavor of these lunch snacks so you can savor the time.