Bakerly Rolls, Brioche

No preservatives. No artificial flavoring. No artificial coloring. No high fructose corn syrup. Non-GMO. Easy family! Authentic French recipe. Savoir faire in French means know how. Above being a delicious and most versatile bread, brioche is unique and must follow rigorous baking techniques that have been passed down through generations of bakers. We have perfected this art and are sharing the brioche love with you! These buns are anything but ordinary. You can enjoy them in place of a plain old bun for your burgers, or breakfast sandwiches. Or you can get even more creative and use them for lobster rolls or pulled pork sandwiches. However you use them, the end result is sure to be smiles all around the table. Enjoy your brioche roll your way! For breakfast oh la la c'est bon! After school snack la creme de la creme! Lobster roll, dinner roll bon appetit! Product of France.